(you can test it ‘locally’ on your computer too)

[keep the folder structure

  • iMPlayerSL2.html (can be renamed later to anything)
  • iMPlayerSL2.swf (can be renamed later to anything)
  • imp_launch.html (can be renamed later to anything)
  • playlists/Playlist 1.xml (do not rename this folder or ‘Playlist 1.xml‘ or it will not work. advanced users can send FlashVars to startup from any playlist, but this is the default one)
  • playlists/masterlist.xml (this is the list of ‘playlists’. not to be renamed)
  • playlists/Playlist 1.txt (this is the text intro – is always the same name as the ‘playlist’)
  • playlists/Playlist 1.jpg (this is the graphic intro – is always the same name as the ‘playlist’)
  • playlists/config.txt (this is the default config file. use this to change any of the text within the player. advanced users can send FlashVars to startup from any config – spanish, german, …, but this is the default one)
  • playlists/Artist Band.xml and Group Two.xml (these are just examples of how to use the masterlist.xml to store multiple playlists)


In this file :: playlists/Playlist 1.xml (use any text editor)

    “<spot artist=”Artist Band” album=”Album CD” track=”Example Track” id=”” URL=”music/”/>”

  • artist=”Artist Band”     (name of your Band or Artist)
  • album=”Album CD”     (name of your Album or CD)
  • track=”Example Track”     (name of the MP3 file (limited to 31 letters)
  • id=””     (set to id=”” if you are not selling tracks)
  • URL=”music/”     (set to your music folder – can be set PER TRACK too)

The folder/file structure MUST stay the same but you can name most of the folders & files to anything you like:






*(just so that ‘ matches what you named it in the playlist file)

*FOR SWF GRAPHICS please read:

Play small animations along with your music.
If you have Flash or another means to create swf movies, SWF can be used instead of JPG.
*MP3 FORMATS and CONVERSIONS please read:

MP3 must be kept at sample rate of 44.100 kHz

Flash will speed up or slow down tracks converted at other rates.

You may however, adjust the Data Rates to anything you like to control the sizes. Also try using MONO instead of STEREO. Most listeners won’t know the difference and the files size will be HALF…. so it will download quicker.

I have found the best balance of sound quality and download size MP3 conversion for web delivery to be 128K MONO. Sounds great. Downloads quick. And encourages people to seek (buy) your CD for the STEREO version.

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