The iMP can be interchanged with any of our skins. The skins are fully compatible with each other, so once you’ve setup your files, you can change skins and colors without having to redo your mp3 files or playlists.

The default player: The iMPro

This is a full featured player with all of the options.

iMPro default size: 567 X 282

The iMP3000

A very cool custom skin designed by Jeff Redmon.

iMP3000 default size: 350 X 120

The iMP Batman

Another very cool minimalist custom skin designed by Jeff Redmon.

iMPBatman default size: 350 X 120

“All iMP skins can be further customized by using the iMP Lab to adjust the colors, options and text or language.”

IMPORT & use the iMP in your own FLASH PROJECTS

The iMP can also be imported into FLASH as used as an mp3 engine to drive your own designs within your own FLASH website.

Examples of this in use are:

  • The iMP LAB

    The iMP LAB is a web application that allows you to customize the colors and features of the Internet Music Players.

    Perfectly fit the iMP into any design or website with style!

    Begin your iMP LAB session

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